3 Simple Steps to Backwards Mapping

Backwards mapping, aka backwards design or backwards planning is not new in education and I sure hope you use it. As a basic definition backwards mapping is 

The process of creating lessons and learning activities by beginning with the end in mind (learning goals and objectives) before creating learning activities that are designe to achieve the learning goals. - Dan

It can be hard at times to work out exactly how to do this, but I have a secret, I have found a simple 3-step process that will help you design lessons or units of work that work. ie they enable students to achieve the goals you set for them.


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Step 1 - Set the Goals

No surprises for guessing where you have to start. Set the learning goals for your students. These can be goals for the whole unit or goals for the lesson. The trick is to make sure you don't have too many of them, 1-3 is plenty. Of course, these learning goals are...

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