20 AI tools for the PDHPE Classroom

ai pdhpe teacher Aug 14, 2023

How can we use AI in the PDHPE classroom or outside for PE? AI tools can help reduce your work and improve the learning of your students. While there has been plenty of hype around AI since the release of Chat GpT, AI has been around for a very long time already. We have seen it in various tools that learn to predict your text, learn your voice, and a whole lot more.

When OpenAi released Chat GpT the AI world exploded and teachers are madly trying to keep up with this latest tech boom. So, let me walk you through some of the tools and how you can use them with your students or just use them for yourself. 

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the one everyone has heard about and began the public boom that we now see in AI, especially with chatbots. ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. It can engage in conversations and provide responses based on its input.

How to use it in PDHPE

  • Utilise it like another teacher and have students ask AI before they come to you with a question
  • have students debate against the chatbot around topics that can be heated debates. They will need to prompt the bot telling it that it is going to debate with them about a topic and then tell them what stance they will have on it. For example, tell it to debate you about the pros and cons of healthy food in the canteen.
  • Ask the bot to provide you with made-up scenarios and case studies the students can analyse.
  • Get the bot to give you activities for your classroom to teach a specific topic.
  • Get it to produce a sample exam response and have the students mark it against the criteria and then improve it
  • Students can get training programs and sessions through conversations with the bot. They could even compare the sessions and how AI changes them for different ages and genders.

2. Perplexity

Perplexity is an AI platform very similar to ChatGPT, except for a few extra cool features. Firstly, it is also a search engine so the information is put to date. It was also designed specifically for education to be used for research. It provides links as references to its answers to prompts, as well as extra information on the topic being looked at. The chats with Perplexity can also be shared with others, so students can use the bot chats to collaborate. Oh, and it can also present the information in many different languages for those students who would prefer to learn in a language other than English.  

How to use it in PDHPE

  • Have students use it as their research buddy.
  • Quickly find a list of reputable and up-to-date references for a specific topic you would like the students to research. You chat with the bot and then share the link with the students to dive deeper
  • Allow students to use it to create their bibliography
  • Have students find videos explaining how to do a skill for a PE lesson

3. Curipod

Curipod is an AI-powered learning platform that you can use to create interactive slides, but also if you like, you can use its AI feature to create the slides and lessons for you, including interactive polls, drawing activities and more.

How to use it in PDHPE

  • use Curipod to access pre-made PDHPE lessons and activities that are designed to be interactive and promote student engagement.
  • Use their AI lesson creator to leave casual lessons or to come up with new presentations for your students.

Below is a quick introduction

4. Education Copilot

This AI tool assists teachers in creating and delivering lesson plans, handouts and more. You just enter a few prompts and then let AI take care of the rest. 

How to use it in PDHPE

  • create PDHPE lesson plans
  • create quick handouts for specific topics

5. Yippity

Yippity allows you to turn any website or set of notes into a quiz or flashcards. This a great way to help students learn the basics of the content, especially if they have to sit an exam for it.

How to use it in PDHPE

  • Students can use it to create or access quizzes
  • Create and use flashcards based on a link or other notes.

6. Quillbot

Quillbot is a writing assistant that helps students improve their writing skills. It can provide suggestions for sentence restructuring as well as enhancing student vocabulary. Students just go to the site, paste in their paragraph and then watch as AI rewrites the paragraph either to make it more formal or for greater fluency. Quillbot is a freemium service so you can pay to have access to other improvements on the text.

How to use it in PDHPE

  • Students can use Quillbot to improve their written assignments by receiving suggestions for clearer and more concise writing.
  • Students can compare their paragraphs with that of AI to see which ones are easier to read and understand.
  • Anything they write they can see 2 new versions for free.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly is another writing assistant that helps students improve their writing skills. I have been using Grammarly for a long time. It is an extension you can add to your Chrome browser and will underline words spelt wrong, change the word, recommend recording for sentences, and grade what your text sounds like. If it is conversational, formal or friendly for example. It can provide suggestions for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

How to use it in PDHPE

  • Students can use Grammarly to improve their written assignments by receiving suggestions for clearer and more concise writing.
  • Students can use Grammarly to learn to change the tone of a text or email so that it comes across as more friendly rather than formal or aggressive.

8. Lumen5

This AI-powered site can create videos automatically based on a blog feed from the internet. You can find a blog you like, or your students can find one and they just paste the article link into the site. It takes a while, but eventually, you get an email with videos it has made based on the blog posts. You can also upload a script or headshot video and it will automatically create a video for you from this.

How to use it in PDHPE

  • Subscribe to a website's blog feed to get videos you can use to teach new related content to your students
  • Students can also use it to get video summaries of blog posts that could help them with their learning.
  • Students can use it to create videos faster using AI
  • you could use it to create explainer videos using the text from your slides or handouts.

9. Quizlet

If you haven't used this site before it is a must for educators of any subject. Quizlet has flashcards, quizzes and more ready-to-go for you on many topics. It uses AI to auto-generate sentences and multiple-choice questions for you.

How to use it in PDHPE

  • Have students create quizzes and flashcards to help them and others learn content
  • Create quizzes and run them in class together.

10. Kahoot

One of our all-time favourite ramifications in our classroom is Kahoot! It has been used by pretty much every educator. Kahoot has integrated Ai to make it faster and easier to create quizzes for specific topics. You can then just hit the start button and let the quiz begin.

How to use it in PDHPE

  • Create your own quiz and run it during class
  • Have students create quizzes for everyone to use.

11. Adobe Spark - Express

Adobe Spark has been great for a long time in helping students create images and videos. Now you can autogenerate those images and apply text effects using AI.

How to use it in PDHPE

  • Let students use it to create images for their projects including slides, posters and more.
  • Add a bit of flare to your own slides or videos using the images you create in there.
  • Create a series of images to teach a specific skill.

12. Gradescope

Use this website to streamline your grading and assessment. It can analyze student work and provide feedback and analytics related to student performance.

How to use it in PDHPE

  • You could use it to save time, but you will still have to check the grading.
  • Have your students use it to check over their work and try and improve it.
  • Students can use it for formative feedback on their tasks.

13. FitnessAI

This is a free AI-powered workout app that creates personalized weightlifting plans based on user data. It uses machine learning algorithms to optimize workout plans and provide feedback on exercise form and technique.

How to use it in PDHPE

  • Students could get it on their phones and check out some of the workout plans it provides for them. They could compare the similarities and differences between their own workouts and those of others the app generates.

14. Bubble.io

This website allows you to create your own app with no coding requirements. Students can log in and use the basic features for free. 

How to use it in PDHPE

  • Students can create an app related to PDHPE topics and content as part of a project

15. Steve AI

Steve can turn any script or blog post into a video for you in just seconds. You just create your account, paste the content and bam there is a video for you to use. 

How to use it in PDHPE

  • Students can use it to turn their scripts into videos
  • Students can use it to learn how to create text videos
  • You can use it to create explainer videos for your students.

16. Bing Image Creator

Powered by Midjourney this platform allows you to create images with ease. You just type a prompt and the generator creates a brand-new image. Pick any style and see what you can create. 

How to use it in PDHPE

  • Let students use it to create images for various reasons or
  • create images yourself to use as see think wonders or to stimulate curiosity in a topic

17. Otter Ai

Otter is a tool that transcribes your live lectures for you. It can connect to video calls, or be used as you present from the front of the room. There are other similar tools that will transcribe for you, such as Google's "Recorder" app.

How to use it in PDHPE

  • Students can use it to take notes for them while they listen to and engage in your presentation or a discussion
  • Use it to take minutes of collaborative task meetings
  • Record your parent-teacher meetings and more.

18. MealMate

This website will create custom meal plans for you based on the information you provide. 

How to use it in PDHPE

  • Students can use it to create meal plans for specific people and compare what is created
  • Students can analyse the plans for quality and nutrition
  • Have students follow their plan and reflect on how easy it was to use and apply.

19. Munch

Munch will take and cut your videos. It can be a video from youtube or your own. It will cut the video into smaller chunks to be used to promote things on social media. While this isn't directly relevant to you as a teacher, you can use it in class with your students to create health promotions for various SM platforms.

How to use it in PDHPE

  • Use it to quickly cut up an explainer video to be used to teach a game, its rules or skills
  • Have students use it to create health promotions

20. ConnectedPE

This is possibly the ultimate platform to use AI for a PDHPE teacher. While the AI tools were created for the Australian National Curriculum, they can be easily adjusted to suit NSW PDHPE. On this site, you can create units of work assessment tasks, create marking rubrics, plan lessons, create worksheets, write reports, create PE games and more.

How to use it in PDHPE

  • Basically, you can use it to do almost everything for you as a teacher.


Well, hopefully, there is enough here to get you playing and tinkering with some of your lessons, or perhaps they give you some lesson ideas. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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