Unit Design Video Series

Register for 3 x 1 hour videos that focus on the unit design process. These videos provide examples throughout from HSC PDHPE, but the process is applicable to any unit design process.

This series covers:

  • Setting Learning Goals
  • Evidence of Learning
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Plus a few bonus ideas and examples (HSC specific)

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Feedback from Last year's participants

Dan is very insightful and is a wealth of knowledge in the area of PDHPE, the development of programs and providing innovative ways of teaching the course. I have implemented some of his techniques and suggestions in my classroom and have had great success with my students. I really enjoy his courses as I always learn something new. - Adriana

Overall valuable in evaluating your teaching and keeping up to date with strategies. - Alison

Was great! Thank you - Amy

The three part seminar was great. The concepts were clearly explained and Dan provided some great examples. The final seminar was particularly good as Dan shared his examples and allowed some great collaboration between participants to add their own 'best activities'. Time well spent. Thanks. - Barry

I think sharing some examples helped to put everything you are trying to share into perspective and allows us to pick it up quicker and then plan for our own teaching. - Ben

Great work Dan. Thank you so much for this information, it makes me feel more confident and excited to teach senior students. - Brittany

I have followed Dan's online career for numerous years. He is extremely knowledgeable and eager to help others improve. Dan continues to highlight new ways of me to approach things, both as a teacher and as a learner. I would and have recommended his work to not just to other teachers but also to my senior students. - Debbie

Amazing! So informative I don’t understand how you can get so much information and explanation out in such a short time. - Ellen

Another great Webinar. These session give me such a burst of motivation and energy to implement something new and different with my students. I appreciate all the work and effort you go to in order to share your knowledge with others. - Elyse

Fantastic 3 part webinar!!! So well organised, engaging!! Learnt so much. - Erin

Great intro to planning strategies & ideas for differentiation of assessment for students, which were strongly based on outcomes & learn to's/hows'. - Jane


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