PDHPE Study Course

Improve your results by learning how to study for PDHPE.


This course will teach you how to study specifically for PDHPE. How it might benefit you:

  • get the results you are after
  • reduce your stress
  • enable you to study and have a social life
  • get into the uni course you are after
  • make your parents proud
  • feel confident going into and out of your exam

What you will learn:

  • how to write band 6 extended responses and short answers. 
  • the most effective use of your time when studying
  • how to leverage your time so you can study and have a life
  • my 6-step process to great results
  • how to approach the HSC PDHPE exam

I'm also going to give you as a bonus:

  1. My Study HSC course (to help you prepare for all your exams, not just PDHPE)
  2. My Health and the HSC (to help you stay sane)

What People Are Saying:

I have never felt so confident walking out of an exam! I had the flash cards visualised in my head the entire exam! 100% recommend to any HSC student wanting success!

Pravina Isaac

n my senior years of high school, I used PDHPE.net all the time. Dan’s videos for the subject I was able to understand what he was explaining about each concept. PDHPE.net provided all information about the topics that I studied for my HSC and allowed me to achieve the marks that was required.


You guys literally got me through my HSC and I can't thank you enough for that!! I recommend it to EVERYONE!

Alannah Burton

$27.00 AUD

Add my flashcards for $10

Improve your study with my flashcards. They were updated this year and are normally $16.50.

These flashcards are for INDIVIDUAL use only.  If you want to get them for your whole class please check out the Class Set.

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