What does NESA's announcement mean for PDHPE teachers?

This morning I woke up to read the NESA announcement about the results of the HSC review for our state going forward. In the announcement, Sarah Mitchell has said our curriculum will continue to be updated in terms of content as well as some larger more general changes to the HSC. Let's start with the general changes.

Key changes moving forward

VET will count towards an ATAR

NSW education is getting rid of the category A and B system so VET courses can contribute to a student’s ATAR from 2025. This will mean subjects such as a Certificate II in Sports Coaching or Sport and Recreation will be included and allow students to not just complete their HSC but also receive an ATAR.

More online HSC exams

NESA is also going to begin putting more HSC exams online. This is likely to be a slower process as they test subject areas to work out which exams work well this way and which still need to be done on paper. This may mean PDHPE exams move into the online...

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