Top 10 education books to read these holidays

Reading books and applying them is key to being an effective teacher. I believe reading books on educational practices is one of the best ways for teachers to continually improve their practice. If we are going to constantly improve then we need to be constantly learning and reading books is just one way to do that. Since we are coming up to the school holidays I thought it would be a great time to highlight my top 5 books for PDHPE teachers.

10. Embedded Formative Assessment by Dyllan William

Dylan William is definitely the person you want to read if you are looking to improve how you provide feedback. This book is fantastic at guiding you through the different levels of feedback and helps you focus on the goal of effective feedback, which is to enable students to be able to provide their own feedback so they can improve their own learning. 

9. Transforming Schools by Miranda Jefferson and Michael Anderson

This book is one of my favourites. Miranda and Michael focus on...

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